After spending seven years working in the film industry, Christine Gresham is now following her non-profit aspirations, and is currently working at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Foundation.  There, she has learned more about the science and functioning of the human brain in one year than she could ever have imagined possible!  With her deeply held passion for the arts - specifically theatre - and the role that women play in our world, Christine enjoys combining these two interests into one by volunteering her time with Pioneering Women.  Not only does she get to work alongside the “phenomenal femmes” on the Committee, but she is always delighted by the interesting women she gets to meet and work with at our events.  Not wanting to let her two theatre degrees go to waste, Christine spends much of her time promoting Toronto-based theatre through her website If you haven't been to the theatre lately, Christine would be thrilled to tell you about the current shows du jour!

   Christine Gresham